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Gene Jacobson

Topics & Actions To Consider

> Preapproval & sales contract preplanning can potentially reduce your down payment and monthly payment, plus it can improve the terms of your purchase in other ways as well

> Want to compare renting vs owning? I'll prepare a custom report for you to help you see the differences

> In the US Armed Forces, or are you a Veteran? We're grateful for your service, and have amazing programs with no down payment, no mortgage insurance, and no Bank fees!

> To increase your credit scores, have 3-6 MasterCard or Visa cards in your name, keep your usage at or below 15% of your credit limit, and pay your bill in full once received (not before!)

> Any upcoming or recent changes with your employment, marital status, receipt of gifts, or new debts? Let's talk it through

> Check your credit report for free at (and I'll run your credit too certainly once you're ready and have provided your information)

> Get your consumer credit score for free from Credit Karma (important note: the scores we'll get on a mortgage credit report can be 21-40 points lower than consumer credit scores)

> Considering a 2nd home or investment property? Let's talk through your situation and I'll guide you and help you make a sound financial decision

> Establish your home insurance right away after contracting for the home - it takes a week or two to set it up, and some homes are found to be uninsurable

> Consider higher deductibles to lower your premium, plus look into earthquake coverage, sewer backup coverage, and identity theft protection

> Consider purchasing a home protection plan